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Oferte de serviciu in Danemarca


Danish employers are seeking 50 trainees for the production of vegetables and berries, garden nurseries, breeding pigs and cows and other agricultural work.
Examples of working tasks:
Vegetables and berries: Washing, sorting and packing of leek, cleaning of the fields, planting of strawberry plants, raspberry plants and leeks. Cultivate strawberries and raspberries growing in tunnels and on free land.
Garden nurseries and fruit farms: Planting and packing plants and flowers, driving machines, trimming the trees, spraying and harvesting the fruits. Plant protection assessment and operation of pesticides.
Breeding pigs and cows: Feeding and breeding the animals, cleaning the stables, driving tractor and other machines, giving injections, veterinary Midwifery, animal diagnostics and therapy, Drilling and watering, repairing and maintenance of farm equipment. Settlement control, data recording and note taking.
Period of work: 6 to 18 month. Applicants must be flexible according to starting dates.
Working hours: 37 hours/week Possible overtime hours, paid by the employer.
Salary: According to Danish agreements for trainees – starting level about 1260Euro/month
Must be 18-30 years old to be able to apply for the internship.
Must be attending an agricultural highschool or agricultural university – with ONLY the following specializations: Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture and Veterinary Medicine - or have graduated an agricultural education no more than 2 years ago 2009 or 2010).
Experience in agricultural work-advantage
Speaking and understanding a good level of English language
Driving license and preferable experience in tractor driving
Responsible and flexible concerning tasks and working hours
Motivated for new experiences and hard work
Accommodation: Some employers can offer you accommodation, and some will help you finding accommodation near the farm – rental costs are in average between 200 – 300 Euro/month.

Application: Send your CV in English language (Euro Pass format) to Recruitment Consultant Katarzuyna Iwona Hansen on E-mail: kah@workindenmark.dk
Don’t forget to mention in the CV the disciplines you have studied (or the actual studies), the previous work experience within the agricultural field (work place, occupations and tasks).
Please mark your application: ”INTERN”
Qualified candidates will be informed later about the interview date and location.
Application deadline: 1st of March 2011
General conditions for interns:
You must be between the ages of 18 and 30 at the time of application (both years included).
The internship must have as its objective to supplement an educational program which you have begun or completed in your country of origin. You must include in your application an authorized translation of documentation of your on-going or finished education, including a list of the courses you have taken. The internship must have a natural relation to your on-going or completed education in your country of origin.
The place of internship must be able to provide adequate and relevant training.

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